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Anupama: Maya’s truth came to the fore, Anuj and Anupama were in bad condition due to the fear of losing younger Anu.


Every day new twists and turns keep coming in Anupama’s story. This is the reason why fans are liking this famous show very much.

Anupama: Maya's truth came to the fore, Anuj and Anupama were in bad condition due to the fear of losing younger Anu.

star plus famous shows Anupama A big twist is going to come in the upcoming episodes. Maya’s entry in the show can increase Anuj and Anupama’s problems. At the same time, the makers of the show are also going to reveal the character of Maya soon. In fact, in the latest episode of the show, Anuj and Anupama are not liking younger Anu’s growing attachment towards Maya. In such a situation where Anuj and Anupama start feeling jealous of Maya. So on the other hand, Vanraj is also very upset with the growing friendship between Kavya and Mohit.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, viewers are going to get a full dose of drama. The suspense created on Maya’s character for many days will be removed soon. If reports are to be believed, Maya is none other than the younger Anu’s mother. On the other hand, the fans along with Anuj and Anupama are also surprised to hear these things from Maya’s mouth. In such a situation, Anuj vows not to keep little Anu away from himself.

Why did Maya’s entry happen?

On the other hand, the distance between Vanraj and Kavya is increasing. Kavya and Vanraj are seen fighting because of Mohit. In fact, the way Anupama used to feel about Vanraj’s attitude in Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage, Vanraj is now feeling that very much. So on the other hand, younger Anu has gone out of the house in the excitement of meeting Maya. However, Anuj and Anupama are trying their best to find little Anu.

New twist will come in the story

Now it will be interesting to see how much Maya’s character is able to impress the audience in the show. Whereas, does Anuj succeed in bringing back the younger Anu. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the curtain is going to be removed from all these suspense.

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