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Anupama: Maya will be jealous seeing Anupama-Anuj’s romance, now this new trick will work


Anupama Spoilers: Will Maya regarding younger Anu, will Anuj go away from Anupama, this question is troubling the fans of the show. Because soon a twist is going to come in this show.

Anupama: Maya will be jealous seeing Anupama-Anuj's romance, now this new trick will work

Mumbai : Star Plus famous shows of Anupama An interesting twist is going to come soon and due to this once again all the relationships of Anupama will be seen getting confused. Yes, Anupama’s troubles are not taking the name of reducing since Spell She has come into his life since then every day she brings difficulties in Anupama’s way. soon Kavya Maya will reveal the truth to Anupama and all the family members, but along with this truth, many more secrets will also come out.

In fact, after Kavya’s disclosure, Maya will reveal her feelings for Anuj in front of everyone, but at the same time she made it clear that her love is just one-sided and Anuj never looked at her. Anupama and Anuj also resolved all the misunderstandings that started between them because of Maya and decided that Maya will not stay in the same house with them and now she will have to leave. Furious about this, Maya also told her decision that she will leave soon after Anupama’s birthday but she will take Anu along with her. Hearing this, Anuj-Anupama’s heart will break.

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Vanraj and Kavya separate

On the other hand, Kavya also wants to leave Vanraj and join back with her first husband Anirudh, as soon as this thing is revealed, everyone in the Shah family is shocked. Due to this, Vanraj bombarded Anuj with questions and tried his best to prove him wrong. While talking with Kavya, Vanraj tells her, “She did well by telling the truth about Anuj. He is not what he seems.

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Know why Maya got angry

Soon fans will see that after the misunderstanding is cleared, Anupama and Anuj will go to Mumbai to enjoy Anu and celebrate Anupama’s birthday by going to the beach and orphanage. Seeing both of them together, Maya’s anger will reach the seventh sky.

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