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Anupama-Anuj’s kissing scene leaked, fans stunned to see the romance


Anupama and Anuj’s passionate date: Once again happiness has knocked in Anupama’s life. The makers have given a wonderful surprise to the fans of Anuj and Anupama.

Anupama-Anuj's kissing scene leaked, fans stunned to see the romance

Anupama and Anuj Romantic kiss: In Star Plus serial Anupama serial finally Anuj and Anupama Happiness has finally knocked in his life. Soon the audience will see Anuj and Anupama getting closer to each other. Fans are very excited to see these two getting intimate with each other. In fact, to pacify her angry husband, Anupama has planned a romantic date. The distance that came between these two last year, now Anupama has to erase. This is the reason why he has done romantic planning for Anuj.

In the coming episodes, we will see how Anupama and Anuj will spend quality time with each other. Both will get lost in each other’s eyes. In fact, for the first time after marriage, Anupama and Anuj are going to be seen getting intimate during this date and the ongoing romance will take a step towards physical intimacy. Emotionally in love with each other, Anuj will kiss Anupama. The video of the kissing scene between the two is becoming very viral on the internet.

Watch Anupama’s video here

Anuj and Anupama’s fans are very happy

Fans are very happy with this change in Anupama and Anuj’s life. He says that for a long time this couple is spending ‘quality time’ with each other. By spending time in this way, more than half of the problems going on between the two will be removed. Anupama and Anuj are called ‘Maan’ by their fans. Fans say that they were waiting for Anupama and Anuj’s match for a long time and now their wait is over.

Beautiful chemistry seen between Rupali and Gaurav

Actress Rupali Ganguly who plays Anupama and Gaurav Khanna who plays Anuj are good friends of each other. This is the reason that the chemistry of both of them looks very beautiful on the screen. The romantic scene shot between these two has also been shot beautifully.

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