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Anupam Kher Birthday: When Mahesh Bhatt spoiled the talk being made, then Anupam Kher gave such a curse that…


Anupam Kher Birthday: Bollywood superstar Anupam Kher has spent a long time in the industry. A career spanning over 40 years and over 500 films. But you know how it started? The answer is from a curse that a Kashmiri Pandit Anupam Kher gave to Mahesh Bhatt in his office.

Anupam Kher Birthday: When Mahesh Bhatt spoiled the talk being made, then Anupam Kher gave such a curse that...

Anupam Kher Birthday: Bollywood Actor Anupam Kher always wanted to become an actor in his life and he proved it by doing so. But it is not that all this happened in minutes. Not that it was that easy. Anupam Kher has seen many ups and downs in his life. But he crossed all odds and cemented his place in the industry and that’s why he always supported a line that anything can happen. He also plays with this name, his show also became very popular with this name. But do you know what Anupam Kher The story of his life which makes this line of his most meaningful. That story is related to Mahesh Bhatt. Let us know that interesting story on the actor’s 68th birthday.

It is about the time when Anupam Kher came to Mumbai to work in films after getting acting training from NSD in Delhi. During this he had to face many difficulties. With great difficulty, he got a role in Mahesh Bhatt’s film. Mahesh Bhatt was actually going to make a film on the life of a man who is 70 years old and has lost his young son. 27-year-old Anupam Kher auditioned for this role and he also got selected. This was a big deal for Anupam Kher as he was getting the lead role in an established director’s film.

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Anupam gave good news to everyone

He shared this happiness with everyone. Told his relatives, friends and neighbors that he had got work in a big film in Bombay (Mumbai). He was enjoying this happiness that in a few days, the news came in his ears that he had been removed from the film. Sanjeev Kumar has been kept in his place in the film. Actually, there was a pressure on Mahesh Bhatt Saheb to keep a well known actor in the film so that there is no risk regarding the film. Under this pressure, Mahesh Bhatt took this decision.

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Anupam cursed Mahesh Bhatt

Hearing this, the ground slipped under the feet of Anupam Kher. He immediately reached Mahesh Bhatt’s office and asked Mahesh Bhatt about this. When Mahesh Bhatt confirmed the news of being removed from the film, Anupam Kher was heartbroken. He became very emotional and cried. He angrily threatened Mahesh Bhatt and said that if he did not take Anupam in the film, he would jump from this office and end his life and while dying, he would curse that his soul would continue to haunt Mahesh Bhatt for the rest of his life. Mahesh Bhatt got scared seeing such attitude of Anupam and he removed the idea of ​​taking Sanjeev Kumar in the film. After this, history is the witness. Anumap Kher got his first National Award for his very first film Saaransh.

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