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Anna Kendrick shares she was going to start a family with a ‘toxic’ ex

Anna Kendrick shares she was going to start a family with a ‘toxic’ ex

Anna Kendrick opened up about a past relationship that she thought was an endgame but turned out to be the opposite.

The 37-year-old actress revealed on Monday’s (January 9, 2023) episode of Expert Armchair podcast that she and the unnamed ex created embryos together before they split.

“I was with someone – it was someone I was living with, for all intents and purposes, my husband. We had embryos together, it was my person,” she said.

“And then about six years later, about somewhere around there, I remember saying to my brother, when things started to go downhill, ‘I’m living with a stranger. Like, I don’t know what’s going on . “

The Perfect The star explained that she made several attempts to salvage the relationship, but the ex just “screamed” at her until she was “curled up in a ball, sobbing.”

She even believed that it was her fault that the relationship fell apart. “It wasn’t just the ‘Oh, I’m losing a relationship.’ It’s that I believed that if we broke up or, you know, if he basically left, that was confirmation that it was because I’m impossible, I’m lucky he even tolerates my bulls —t.

However, the actress noted that the real cause was that the ex was in love with someone else. She detailed a time he visited her on set and was acting super “weird,” so she worked up the courage to ask him what was wrong. “The worst possible thing was I was like ‘please don’t say this girl’s name’ and he started talking about this girl.”

In an effort to salvage her relationship, Kendrick shared that they started going to couples therapy. “I started going to Al-Anon while all of this was going on. I mean, look, I really dismantled my life, and at first it was in reaction to the accusation that I was crazy, and that I was the one causing the problem. So, I had a conversation with CAA, my agency, and said I need to take some time off, I have a mental health issue.

While it didn’t save the relationship, it did wonders for Kendrick’s well-being. “All of those things ended up being very wonderful things to me in the long run, but first I thought of them, ‘Tell me how to stop being crazy. Tell me how to stop feeling whatever. either,” she said.

“I ended up seeing only one therapist and I’m totally obsessed with her…but what she taught me to do was look at my own experience, decide what I wanted and start drawing boundaries,” she continued.

“And it was really scary and really difficult, but that’s what ended the relationship.”

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