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Anna Kendrick is candid about her relationship with her father before his death

Anna Kendrick is candid about her relationship with her father before his death

Anna Kendrick has spoken candidly about her relationship with her father before he passed away during the Expert Armchair Monday, January 9, 2023 podcast.

The actress, 37, said her father, William King Kendrick, died aged 75 from terminal cirrhosis of the liver. William and Kendrick’s mother, Janice, divorced when the actress was a teenager, and he later married his wife Judith, per People.

The actress shared that she started therapy three years ago and during the sessions she discovered that there were “unsaid things” between her and her father, but that they “all understood the of them”.

“I don’t mean to disparage anyone who does that, but I didn’t need to have the Hallmark thing where I spelled it because we both understand,” she explained.

The Oscar nominee also discussed struggling to schedule quality time with her dad amid his failing health and uncertainties about how much time he has left.

“The Cat of Nine Lives, this man, absolutely. I’d be in the middle of production saying, ‘If I have to come home, just tell me. That’s probably going to blow this movie up because it’s a very small movie and they don’t. have the funding, whatever, but if that’s what happens, let me know, I’ll go. It was never clear,” Kendrick said.

The Perfect The star added that she and her brother were “kind of prepared” to get a call with the sad news of the past decade.

“Especially in the last two years, there were constantly these updates on his health, and we don’t talk about anything. So, you know, there were these very vague but sort of very serious updates that were happening all the time and we couldn’t really read between the lines and understand what we’re talking about,” she said. . “I would just like a timeline, but we can’t really ask those questions.”

“We were always trying to interpret what was going on. And [my brother] and I was talking about how we’ve kind of been primed for the call to come anytime over the last 10 years,” Kendrick continued. “Because, again, my dad was taller, he had heart problems in the past, and just generally not a man who kept his health in good shape. … It was always just, ‘It could happen at any time.’ “

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