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Andrew Tate’s lawyer says police have ‘no evidence’ of allegations against his clients


Andrew Tate’s lawyer, in a new interview, claimed Romanian police had no evidence to back up his rape and human trafficking allegations against his clients.

In a conversation with Romanian online newspaper Gandul, Tate’s lawyer Eugen Vidineac claimed the former kickboxer’s online persona doesn’t reflect who he really is.

He added that the persona someone like the British-American influencer portrays on social media could not be “used as evidence in a criminal trial”.

The 36-year-old former professional kickboxer was arrested in Romania last month in connection with a human trafficking and rape investigation.

Vidineac said it took the Tate brothers “a while to figure out” why they were in custody and there was no evidence to support the allegations, which also include organized criminal activity.

Asked about the rape allegations made by a woman from Moldova, Vidineac replied that “there is no evidence” other than the victim impact statement.

The lawyer said two counts of rape are alleged, against one of the Tate brothers, but did not specify which brother it was.

“We stay day and night to be able to piece together the puzzle of the elements of the charges presented by the prosecutor,” Vidineac said.

“There is not a single piece of evidence, other than the victim impact statement, that could lead to the idea that a crime of rape has been committed,” he added.

On the other allegations, Vidineac also claims that there is no evidence of human trafficking or organized crime.

“From my point of view, there is no evidence there either, and I am talking about evidence which leads, by itself or directly, to the formation of an opinion of reasonable suspicion on the commission of acts provided for and punished by criminal law. In this case, we are talking about human trafficking and an organized criminal group.

Andrew Tate’s lawyer also clarified that the Tate brothers had not understood the translation given in court and that the defense had requested to bring in a new translator.

“The Tate brothers repeatedly pointed out that they didn’t understand the translation and looked at the defense quite scared, wondering: what’s going on, what are we talking about?

“I intervened twice, myself and my colleague Adrian Săndulescu, to ask the court to change the translator, because the defendants do not understand faithfully or even generally the charges against them.”

Concluding the interview, the attorney also opened up about Andrew Tate’s social media presence and recent posts, saying, “I would like to say one more thing.”

Vidineac added: “This is a question supported by my clients, which I personally believe, they made me believe – the difference between character and person. We live in a reality of 2023 in which various people show up, as characters, on social networks, to promote an image, a product, an idea.”

Vidineac’s comments – in a video with translated captions posted on Andrew Tate’s Twitter account – came after Romanian authorities seized four more luxury cars on Thursday ahead of a Bucharest court appearance on Tuesday, after that 11 vehicles have already been captured in raids.

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