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Amy Robach & TJ Holmes are no longer “credible”?

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes are no longer “credible”?

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are said to have convinced TV exes that they “can be whatever you want us to be”.

However, these persistent attempts would be in vain, as the major television networks would send chills down their spines.

The outrageous duo have featured on several media industry bigwigs, including a TMZ gossip show.

But sources close to the situation called the presentations “vague”, according to The Post.

One thing is for sure,” the source told the daily. “They can’t make news.”

The pair are no longer “credible” as reporters, the insider said, noting a flurry of reports of controversial leaked footage of their affair as well as allegations Holmes had about previous flings with employees. ABC News underlings.

Recently, CBS, which is best known for its daytime shows like Dr. Phil and The Drew Barrymore Show, did not accept the duo’s outrageous offer for a show, the report added.

Last month, the duo’s talent agency, CAA, also courted CNN; however, the results were the same as CBS, the sources told the daily.

“If they were doing a talk show, what would they be talking about? What is their expertise – infidelity? a skeptical TV pundit said, “They’d take anything. I think they would host a game show at this point,” the insiders added.

The lovebirds also presented Fox Entertainment and Fox Television Stations for a syndicated show and had a meeting with executives for “town hall meetings” on “various opportunities” which also included discussions beyond a dedicated talk show, an insider told The Post.

However, things didn’t go so well at the entertainment giant.

“I don’t think the talks are serious at all,” a source close to Fox said.

“The CAA organized these meetings and everyone took them. I don’t think anyone is serious. I don’t think there are any there.

Previously, Holmes and Robach had “hosted a show à la Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos” and the power couple also met “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” producers, Page Six reports.

While GMA3 co-workers ‘sold their chemistry’, industry insiders noted they previously had ‘brother/sister chemistry’ and ‘now they sell sex’ – which may not sell. gold ratings.

However, earlier an optimistic picture was painted that Robach and Holmes could soon land their own show as their recent pitches have blown away several TV executives and producers.

Reportedly, the former Good Morning America hosts’ reunions with various media bigwigs have been a success.

As a source told The US Sun, “the pair’s chemistry is off the charts” and “everyone loved them.”

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