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Amy Robach ‘over the moon’ after divorce from Andrew Shue?


Amy Robach was visibly overjoyed, while Andrew Shue put on a grim face after their 12-year relationship officially ended.

For months, the once-powerful couple privately negotiated the mediated divorce deal after their estranged and well-placed sources confirmed Daily mail.

Image Credits: Daily Mail
Image Credits: Daily Mail

“It’s a terribly sad end to what was a great marriage,” a former close friend of the former couple told the tabloid. “Andrew was so into it.”

“But at least they resolved their separation through mediation rather than an ugly legal battle. And they settled Brody’s custody.

Meanwhile, Shue “doesn’t want to be part of this. Nobody wants to be part of their mess,” said an insider close to the couple. Page 6.

“He’s very classy,” the source said.

Image Credits: Daily Mail
Image Credits: Daily Mail

Shue and Robach walked down the aisle in 2010 but didn’t share any children together.

In other news, Holmes makes his relationship with Robach formal as he prepares to propose to her.

After the scandal of the case ABCthe ousted stars reportedly talked about exchanging vows.

Now the old CNN correspondent is about to formalize their love.

“TJ can’t wait to start his new life with Amy. He bought the ring and is ready to get down on his knees,” an insider told RadarOnline.

“You don’t blow up your career unless you’re certain you’ve found The One – and Amy and TJ are certain of that,” despite losing their anchor gigs.

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