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Americans Love and Respect Prince William More Than Harry: Here’s Why


Prince William has become a very smart royal amid rants from his younger brother, Prince Harry, and sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, about him and his family.

The Prince of Wales’ reaction to the Sussexes’ claims is gaining more respect in the UK and US as the future king raises his family while avoiding ‘grenades’ from Harry and Meghan.

William is handling the situation very sensibly in the Sussexes’ backyard after a series of claims in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix series and Harry Spare’s memoir.

Americans ‘respect’ the heir to the British throne because he cleverly handled the ‘grenades’ thrown by Harry and Meghan over the past two months, according to a royal expert.

“At the end of the day, I think Americans have a lot of respect for the way Prince William has handled the past few months,” royal US expert Kinsey Schofield told Express UK.

She added: “He lost his grandmother and grandfather. He navigates grief while dodging grenades from Montecito [all while] seeing an increase in his responsibilities as an heir.”

When Prince William became Prince of Wales and first in line to the throne, he took on new responsibilities. William must now juggle raising his own family of four and preparing to lead the royal institution.

Schofield said: “Also he has to focus on HIS family. He has three beautiful children whom he is committed to raising in a loving environment and nothing Harry is doing at the moment matches that goal. “

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