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Amber Heard recalls “feeling awful” because of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard recalls “feeling awful” because of Johnny Depp

Aquaman star Amber Heard just weighed in on an embarrassing moment that happened with Johnny Depp.

The actress shared this accusation herself and dated the incident to 2012.

According to Heard, she donned a low-cut dress for a charity event, alongside Johnny Depp and felt embarrassed.

According to a report by Express UK, Heard recalls, “I once wore a dress to an event and felt beautiful in it.”

Amber Heard remembers

“As silly as it sounds, I felt pretty in that dress I picked out and showed her. I thought it was weird that he didn’t say anything about it.

“I left him to go do that red carpet and I was like, ‘Did you see the event I went to?'”

Once she turned to Depp for her opinion, he responded by saying, “I think the whole world has seen this kid. This is how they will remember you, this is how the world will remember you.

“My dress was low cut, I get it, it was low cut, but I felt really embarrassed and horrible wearing that.”

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