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Alec Baldwin slammed for setting a bad example for kids: ‘How embarrassing’

Alec Baldwin slammed for setting a bad example for kids: ‘How embarrassing’

Alec Baldwin has been dubbed “desperate” and “shallow” by fans after he begged them to follow his wife Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram as a birthday wish from him.

The It is complicated The star expressed his gratitude to his followers for helping his wife gain 1 million followers on her birthday.

However, the actor got in trouble over his thank you note as people accused him of setting a ‘bad example’ for his children while bashing him for his ‘cringe’ request.

“How embarrassing,” one user commented on their post while another added, “With no disrespect, but could you please explain why this was so important?”

“SAD THIS IS CONSIDERED ‘ACHIEVEMENT’,” wrote one disappointed fan while another said, “A bad example for your beautiful children to aspire to.”

“I mean, there are people who are hungry and living on the streets in arctic temperatures, but okay. Good job on your ffs wife’s million followers,” one comment read.

“This request is so cringeworthy,” one wrote.

Baldwin has come under fire since he first shared a selfie video of himself urging fans to follow his wife as people deemed his request “super superficial”.

“Alec uses your social security wisely. It’s not the best way to take advantage of it and that says a lot about what matters to her,” one user commented on the clip.

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