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Alec Baldwin Reacts to Daughter Ireland’s Pregnancy: ‘So Happy for You’

Alec Baldwin Reacts to Daughter Ireland’s Pregnancy: ‘So Happy for You’

Alec Baldwin was stunned when he realized he was going to be a grandfather after his daughter Ireland Baldwin revealed she was pregnant with her first child with handsome RAC.

the It is complicated The star’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, took to Instagram to post an adorable video of her daughter Carmen telling her other siblings about their half-sister Ireland’s pregnancy.

“So you know what uncle means?” the 9-year-old asked her siblings before telling them if they would become an aunt or uncle.

She then pointed to her father and revealed to him that he would become a grandfather, to which Alec covered his eyes with his hand in mock distress.

After that, the whole family congratulated Ireland, Alec’s eldest daughter whom he shares with his ex-wife Kim Basinger, and RAC for the good news.

“Of all those excited little uncles and aunts and grandpa Alec and grandma me,” Hilaria captioned the post. “We are so happy for you, Ireland and Andre…can’t wait to meet the little baby.”

Responding to the sweet wish, Hilaria dropped a sweet comment, “Awwww thanks guys. The smallest aunts and uncles.

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