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After Jannat Zubair, Shah Rukh Khan, now Rakhi Sawant will perform Umrah, will go to Saudi with her husband


Rakhi Sawant Umra: Many stars like Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Shahrukh Khan have performed Umrah by going to Saudi. Now Rakhi Sawant will also go to Saudi with her husband Adil Khan.

After Jannat Zubair, Shah Rukh Khan, now Rakhi Sawant will perform Umrah, will go to Saudi with her husband

Rakhi Sawant And Adil Khan Umrah: Badshah of Bollywood in December 2022 Shahrukh Khan Was in Saudi Arabia for the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Dankey’. After completing the shooting of his film there, he also performed Umrah, whose pictures became very viral on social media. TV actress and social media influencer after Shahrukh Jannat Zubair Rahmani had also gone to perform Umrah with her brother Ayaan. Jannat herself posted pictures of her Saudi trip on Instagram.

After Shah Rukh Khan and Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Rakhi Sawant, now known as Drama Queen, is going to perform Umrah, which she herself has informed in a recent interview. She will go for Umrah with husband Adil Khan. Significantly, both were tied in marriage seven months ago, which has now been revealed.

Rakhi Sawant said these things

In a conversation with Instant Bollywood, Rakhi told that Umrah is very important, so she and Adil will go to perform Umrah first. He said, “Once the relationship is confirmed there, then the whole world cannot break it. What Allah joins, no one can break. Wishing further, Rakhi said, “Just this time my house settles down.”

After the marriage of Rakhi and Adil was revealed, the pictures of the wedding went viral on social media on the previous day. Although Adil was earlier denying this marriage, but then later he accepted this relationship. Rakhi also recently revealed that Salman Khan has a hand in setting up her house. Salman Khan called Adil to explain.

These stars have also done Umrah

However, now it has to be seen when Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Let us tell you that before Shahrukh Khan, Jannat Zubair, many other stars have gone on this religious journey, including names like Aamir Khan, Sana Khan, Gauhar Khan and Ali Fazal.

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