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After changing religion and name, Rakhi was now seen in a burqa, people got angry and said – stop all this drama


Today Rakhi Sawant along with Adil Khan Durrani came to meet her mother. During this, she was seen wearing a burqa. Rakhi had recently told that she has accepted Islam.

After changing religion and name, Rakhi was now seen in a burqa, people got angry and said - stop all this drama

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant In Burqa: Rakhi Sawant These days it is in discussion everywhere. recently Rakhi claimed that she had broken up with her boyfriend seven months ago. Adil Khan Durrani married to. He also told that he has also converted to Islam to marry Adil. Apart from this, he had also kept his name as Fatima. Even in the marriage papers, Fatima was shown in her name. After all this, Rakhi has now appeared wearing a burqa. Seeing this incarnation of Rakhi, people got angry.

Actually these days Rakhi Sawant’s mother is hospitalized in Mumbai. She is suffering from serious diseases. In such a situation, people are not liking Rakhi’s doing all this. Rakhi was seen in a gym suit during the day, but by the evening her look completely changed and she was seen wearing a burqa and hijab.

Rakhi Sawant reached the hospital with Adil Khan to meet her mother

Famous paparazzi Viral Bhayani has shared Rakhi’s video on his Instagram. In the video, Rakhi Sawant is seen with her mother in the hospital. She is seen telling her mother that Adil has come. Adil met Rakhi’s mother. After this he appeared outside with Rakhi. Then Rakhi left in the car with Adil.

People got angry on Rakhi Sawant

First marriage, then religion and now burqa, seeing people using these things, people were angry with Rakhi. One user wrote, “Yeh tikhti nahi hai kya natak karte karte. Kabhi burqa kabhi western outfit…” Another user wrote, “Rakhi kya yeh sab drama tum band karogi which you are doing all day long. I wish she would go to a reality show again.” One wrote, “Rakhi yaar mummy pay attention. What are you wearing, stop the drama for a while.”


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