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Adam Sandler says he ‘pushed Jennifer Aniston off the Eiffel Tower’ during filming


Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler – while appearing on ‘This Morning’ to promote their new movie, shared an interesting story about filming a scene in Paris.

During the promo show, Aniston and Sandler stunned fans by opening up about a hilarious incident that happened while filming “Murder Mystery 2.”

Sandler left fans angry by revealing, “Jen was scared of falling off the Eiffel Tower, they called for action and she didn’t jump up and I just snuck in and pushed her and that’s it. was fun to see that reaction!”

Phillip Schofield, host of the show, interrupted, saying: “I can imagine it was someone pretending to push you out of the Eiffel Tower – how fun!”

The Friends star got red-faced when she blurted out a curse in response, saying, “Yeah, just for the shit and the giggles!”

Realizing what she had done, the star quickly clapped her month and Holly Willoughby apologized to viewers, asking, “I’m sure you can beep that?”

But Schofe told the couple – who appeared via video from France – they couldn’t as it was live. “Don’t worry, we love it!” he added.

Meanwhile, Sandler relaxed her co-star, saying, “At least you said laughs after, there was happiness after…”

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