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ABC top brass ‘competence’ in question over Amy Robach and TJ Holmes drama

ABC top brass ‘competence’ in question over Amy Robach and TJ Holmes drama

Good Morning America host Amy Robach and the TJ Holmes case has raised questions about the competence of ABC’s top brass.

According to page 6insiders have revealed that “no decision” has been made so far on whether Holmes and Robach will remain hosts of CMG3.

“There was little movement. [ABC brass] does not seem to [be] very knowledgeable in how they handle this,” another insider said.

“The couples’ names are still displayed at the top of the show, and we’re told their photos hung on ABC’s walls on Thursday,” a source revealed.

However, multiple sources told the outlet that the pair are “most likely missing” as the show’s hosts.

Meanwhile, studio employees are privately calling a spade a spade over news boss Kim Godwin’s handling of the volatile situation.

“It lasts two months! It’s been two months of tabloid madness. The place is not very well placed [to be]“, told a source at the outlet.

“It’s affecting morale – not so much talent. It’s the base – people keeping the lights on. Morale is at rock bottom,” they added.

Meanwhile, ABC News President Godwin fired the couple in December because their affair had impacted the work environment and had become an “internal and external distraction”, she said. in an email.

But according to an insider, staff members need help to grasp the news president’s decision to ask them to go on the air without addressing the situation.

And later chose to take them off the air, but explaining the matter was not a “violation of company policy.”

Holmes and Robach were suspended from the show after explosive photos surfaced of the duo getting cozy the previous year.

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