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ABC ready to replace TJ Holmes with DeMarco Morgan on ‘GMA3’?

ABC ready to replace TJ Holmes with DeMarco Morgan on ‘GMA3’?

ABC is considering DeMarco Morgan to permanently replace TJ Holmes as hello america host, as the studio showed the door to the latter.

According to Page 6, sources said that ABC, “love the work that Morgan is doing,” adding, “everyone thinks he’s been really great.”

The report adds that the former local New York reporter was recently spotted with CMG3 executive producer Cat Mckenzie, with ABC New talents, including Sade Baderinwa and Kemberley Richardson.

We heard people were “praising him and telling him it was a good job”.

“Lots of [people] praised him a lot and he seemed very happy. He was the first to arrive and one of the last to leave,” a spy told us.

“The vibe was very positive. People were taking pictures and catching up,” our spy said.

Morgan took the seat of TJ Holmes at CMG3 with ABC News co-host Rhiannon Ally.

However, the pair’s chemistry isn’t on par with Holmes and Robach, “ratings have held steady. Numbers are good,” according to another insider.

“DeMarco and Rhiannon don’t fuck on the weekends or come to work on Mondays, so of course they won’t have the same energy as TJ and Amy,” the source joked.

A ABC The insider insisted that “nobody knows” what will happen with Holmes and Robach.

The same source added, “No decision has been made yet. There cannot be a new presenter if no decision has been made. Their names are still on the show.”

Another source close to the situation told us, “there is nothing definitive at this time”, but it is “very unlikely” that they will return.

“Everything is on the table. Anything is possible. It’s frustrating, but [Robach and Holmes] prepare for the result,” they said.

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