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A Romanian court will rule on Andrew Tate’s detention challenge today

A Romanian court will rule on Andrew Tate’s detention challenge today

BUCHAREST: A Romanian court is set to rule on Tuesday in a challenge filed by Andrew Tate, an internet personality known for his hate speech, against his 30-day arrest for alleged human trafficking and forming an organized criminal group to exploit six women.

Tate, her brother Tristan and two Romanian suspects were arrested by Romanian organized crime prosecutors on December 29 pending a criminal investigation. They denied any wrongdoing through a lawyer and challenged the arrest warrant.

Prosecutors said the Tate brothers recruited their victims by seducing them and falsely claiming they wanted a relationship.

Prosecutors seized 15 luxury vehicles and more than 10 properties and homes belonging to the suspects in Bucharest and Prahova and Brasov counties, said Ramona Bolla, spokeswoman for Romania’s organized crime unit DIICOT. Reuters.

The seizure was intended to prevent the sale or concealment of the assets.

If the court upholds the arrest warrant and the investigation requires more time, prosecutors can seek approval for further extensions of up to 180 days of detention under Romanian law.

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