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A restaurant prohibits anyone from invading their privacy

Britney Spears crisis: restaurant bans anyone from invading her privacy

Britney Spears has been defended by management at a restaurant where she was accused of having a ‘breakdown’ when people started making videos of her.

The waiter who served the popstar at the establishment said the Princess of Pop didn’t have a “manic episode” and her husband Sam Asghari didn’t “come out” of it.

He claimed the singer became “frustrated” after another restaurant guest “started randomly filming her” and she used a menu “to protect herself”.

Speaking to the Twitter account britney live freethe waiter said, “Britney was the nicest person despite the awkward situation she was put in by the other customer filming her.”

He added that Spears was “apologetic”, although she “had nothing to regret”, adding that Asghari “did not run away. He went to the bathroom”.

The couple were even offered a more private table at the establishment but chose to leave as they had already finished their meal.

The diner who harassed the singer by invading her privacy has been asked to leave the restaurant and “will not be allowed to return”.

“All of our customers should feel safe and respected when dining with us,” restaurant management revealed.

“We have taken the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again and offer our sincere apologies to Ms. Spears.”

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