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A film will be made on the life of Michael Jackson, his relative will play the character in the biopic


Michael Jackson: Fans are excited to know the life of Hollywood pop singer Michael Jackson. Now Michael Jackson’s biopic is going to be made soon, in which his nephew will play the role of Michael Jackson.

A film will be made on the life of Michael Jackson, his relative will play the character in the biopic

Michael Jackson Biopic: Hollywood’s ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson Will soon be shown on the big screen. Fans of Pop Emperor Michael Jackson will once again be able to see him doing the moon walk. Yes, preparations are on to make a biopic on Michael Jackson’s life soon. In such a situation, there is only one question in everyone’s mind that who will play this icon character. Michael Jackson’s gait, shield, hair, style and fashion sense, everything was very special. Crores of his fans copy his style. Although playing the role of Michael Jackson on screen would be special in itself. Only a relative of Michael Jackson is going to play his character on screen.

According to media reports, Michael Jackson’s biopic will show his personal and professional life. Michael’s character will be played by his nephew Jafar in the film. The production house has announced this while sharing a photo of Jafar doing the moon walk. At the same time, Jafar Jackson has also posted a photo on his Instagram, in which the caption is written, ‘I am honored and proud to bring alive the story of my Uncle Michael. All his fans spread across the world, will meet soon’

Anton Fukwa is directing the Michael Jackson biopic. The film will be made under the banner of Lions Gate Production. The producer of the film ‘Michael’ is Graham King, who has made many great films before this. His film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has also been nominated for an Oscar. Graham says that for about 2 years, the search was done to play the character of Michael Jackson, which ended by going to Jafar Jackson. Jafar looks a lot like Michael Jackson. Jaffer stepped into the world of pop music in 2019 with the song ‘Got Me Singing’. Now he is going to debut in acting soon.

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