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‘1923’ actor explains Spencer and Alex’s romance in ‘Yellowstone’ prequel

‘1923’ actor explains Spencer and Alex’s romance in ‘Yellowstone’ prequel

1923The Brandon Sklenar actor has ended the whirlwind romance between his character Spencer Dutton and Alex on the show.

It premiered on December 18, 2022 on Paramount+. The series is a prequel to the Paramount Network series Yellowstone and serves as a sequel to the series 1883.

While living in Africa as a hunter, Spencer battles PTSD until his happy interaction with Alexandra “Alex” played by Julia Schlaepfer,

Alex was a British woman, engaged to someone she doesn’t love.

The two immediately fall in love with each other and after nearly being killed by lions, Spencer asks Alex to marry her, which she accepts.

In a recent interview with ColliderSklenar shattered the couple’s passionate romance by 1923.

The actor explained that Spencer’s feelings were “genuine”, admitting his company made him want to live instead of just survive.

“I think everything is authentic, from the jump, She affects him in such a way, in the bar when they first meet and then, especially, the second meeting. She just resonates with him in his heart, in his soul, in a way he’s never felt before, and she taps into a part of him that’s been dead for years. He said.

“So it’s very genuine, but there’s also a part of that. He just does whatever he can to survive most of the time, not worrying about his death. A lot of their initial bond in terms about her commitment to being like, “I’m going to marry you right now,” part of that comes from her needing her to feel alive again because she’s doing it”

He further went on to say, “There’s a bit of selfishness in there in that regard, but then it’s pure, and it’s genuine, and then it evolves into something deeply profound. At first, she gave him a reason to live that he didn’t feel.

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