Atif Aslam’s Never Seen Before Side With Samina Peerzada

Atif Aslam's Never Seen Before Side With Samina Peerzada
Atif Aslam’s Never Seen Before Side With Samina Peerzada

Atif Aslam Interview with Samina Peerzada

My guest today in Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada is Atif Aslam You have no idea, how excited I am today Lets meet, Atif Aslam Atif thank you so much You don’t know what it means I am a great fan and I wanted you to come for a long while now so that I can tell you that how much I admire you Thank you very much You have come a long way Alhumdulilah Mashallah I remember the first time when I met you Alhamra in Indus Music Awards and I remember you came up to me and you gave me your CD, Yes and I looked at Usman Peru, I call him and I told him that this boy is going to go places He said, how do you say that? I said The confidence that this boy has He is going to make it Well you can look at me today Alhmdulila In my life there are two songs that have been very important Aadat and Sar Kiye Ya Pahaar, Yes There is something in them Do you know that Your voice there is something in your voice It has something that makes it go and hit directly on the heart Did anyone tell you this? You were the one who told me this, when I met you on the flight I remember you clearly saying it and over the time, people started telling me, and mostly legends started telling me that there is such a thing in your voice that makes you different from others There is something in it that you don’t get bored from it and there is something in it that makes you feel a connection There is something in it that helps you connect I am unwise for this kind of talks But then again I feel so happy about these things because these things come from those people who have a special position in their own lives, No but you worked hard and you are included in those people No you worked really hard, you deserve what you get today You have worked hard Yes I did and you did it with confidence I did let’s go back to your childhood.

Atif Aslam Childhood

How many siblings?

We are 4 brothers I am the youngest and No sister

Really I didn’t know that Yes, I have no sister and the thing is that when I was young, I used to feel sad that I don’t have a sister because they make the house a beautiful place with girls Exactly So I really missed out on that So the smallest and the most naughty I wouldn’t say naughty I would say naughty and pampered till a time period and after that Stubborn then I think when I went to the college life, I was a loner but then again my friends were there too with me so that’s how it all started so in my childhood, I was very naughty

So what kind of mischief’s did you do?

Have you done with your brother together or alone/ I have done them alone and with my brother too So what kind of a house was it? A house that has four brothers It would have been a total riot It was just like a riot, and what would happen was that our father would leave for the office in the morning .

What did your father do?

My father was a civilian and he was XCN, high ways, he was a civil engineer and your mother? Homemaker Exactly So he used to leave at 8 in the morning and would return at 5 at night so when we knew that he has to come at 5 We used to do everything before that like the house was ours The house would be our father’s after 5 in the evening and he had such a facade that you would sit with your books whether the book is upside down You know it was that so it was a mess So where were you living at that time? We were living in Model Town, Lahore.

So you were born here in Lahore?

I was born in Wazirabad There How come My parental family was there and I believe, after one or two years my father was posted to Lahore so everyone came here and you decided Model Town My father decided that we will go ther e Model Town is such an amazing place, when you are growing up All those old trees and roads and schools Exactly Model Town school is amazing and because I don’t live there anymore, I miss Model town because it is an amazing place and my I spent my childhood there Because I have heard a lot of stories of Model town from Usman that the people who have lived there They say that it was another world Exactly Its parks, and clubs and schools Exactly, exactly I still remember that People used to go for jogging An old man used to live, two or three streets from our house He was the only person who used to live there so He must be around 75 or 80 He used to go to Model Town park daily and we used to watch him and I only heard to things from his mouth Either I would hear Durud Shareef or he would tell me, whenever we talked, that Love others and spread happiness and what was your age.I must be 10 or 11 so that would have been so impactful Exactly This is like the thing that you always remember It keeps on running in the mind and what are the other things you remember? Do you remember the first day of your school? I remember the first day of my school I was crying a lot and my mother took me there It was near our house, I was crying along the way It was very difficult for me, I was scared and terrified It was hard for me to make friends, there was a fat boy sitting with me and I was very afraid of him That where am I and who are these people and why is he looking at me like that You know those naughty kids so I was very terrified and I remember another day when my father took me to school It was he duty to take everyone to the school so The car tire ran over my foot so\ so obviously he didn’t realize that he ran over my foot, because he was driving and he left and I was looking at him like he didn’t even care? so I remember that too So did you get hurt? No, it wasn’t that bad The shoe took the pressure Exactly But you felt that what just happened Like my father didn’t even realize and he didn’t even care or apologize so did you tell him? No, I didn’t tell him He must be watching it right now, but I never told him, no, but kids love to complain No, no, I was never that sort of a kid so what do you mean by pampering I mean that every day a new toy every day.

Everyday Whether it cost 1, 10 or a 100 rupee Your father would bring them Father and mother My father might have refused someday, maybe, but my mother always forced whether its plastic or any other thing So what things? Cars Trains, Slides just like my own kid Seriously. And he says this daily too Can you go to the toy shop so.

were you allowed to buy one thing or two?

I would get lucky somedays but you were allowed one thing so how would you choose Anything colorful car What was your favorite color I think my favorite color was green at that time Not red No Green was my favorite So how many cards did you collect? Did you collect legos There was lego too No I had no interest in that only cars and of every size, I am talking about what? I think At least 25 years ago No in fact 28 or 29 years ago that the thing in which you put the roti Changair Changer, or Chaaba in Punjabi so basically I used to pick the from the kitchen and I would be in my fantasy world, I am sort of driving an SUV something of that sort because it is round and I used to drive it in the entire house

so what kind of a make-belief world did you have What was in it There was cricket in it It had a lot of colors It didn’t have music at all Not at all?

There was no music at home here was no music in the house, no one used to sing and the first music that I hit was when my eldest brother bought a tape recorder and that tape recorder was placed on top of the cupboard so that no other kid could take it so only my eldest brother had the permission to use it and what did he listen to His taste was.

About Pakistani Singers

All the Pakistani and Indian singers of that time Talk about Mehdi Hasan, Mohammad Rafi Kishore Noor Jehan Even Ataullah Khelvi Alaap, there was a band Punjabi band and that was quite famous in our house too so this would happen when our parents wouldn’t be at home so we used to party We used to play music at that time.

So everyone would dance?

Not only dance but everything Full of enjoyment so when this music used to play what was little Atif thinking used to ask himself why are they doing this, what the hell is wrong with them? What’s the kick? What are they getting what are my elder brothers getting from this music Why are they listening to it so loudly What wrong? so then I realized that you know I think it is a cool thing That my elder brother is listening to music so music is a cool thing I didn’t have that much awareness so I was like 5, 6, or 7 so at that time I thought it was a cool thing I had no interest at that time

Were you organized or disorganized Atif

I was very organized Because I am thinking that because of the cars and toys You would have put them in a very organized way I was very organized because I know this because I remember that we were at someone’s house and I was taking a shower I believe I was 5 or 6 years old We were in the village there was a house in the village so there was a space under the bathroom’s door so you could see the feet partially from there so I was taking a shower and I remember that the shoes I had I used to clean them with the soap myself.

I used to clean them so that my mother didn’t have to so When I used to do that when I came outside Now when my mother talks to me that there was a time when I used to wash and clean my own shoes so that’s why I am saying that I think I was very organized and very careful I was very careful and kind and considerate because thinking all this that you mother wouldn’t have to do it.

Atif Are you close to your mother by Samena Peerzada

I am very much I think every son is but some are more Probably Some sons enter the world and some get very close to the mother It’s just like that So was you that kid, who would hold on to her? I wasn’t till she went on for Hajj, I became one when she went and disappeared for 40 days So the first time.

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