Increase Your Blog Traffic | 10 Easy Proven Factors for Getting More Blog Traffic


Learn How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 7 Easy Steps

Increase Your Blog Traffic: Blogs are a great format for a business website. They also work quite well as a branding tool for a website. However, in order to achieve the business goals you need blog traffic. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your blog, there are a few tried and true tactics that work. Here are seven tips for getting more blog traffic.

Increase Your Blog Traffic by 300%
Increase Your Blog Traffic by 300%

What you will learn in today’s topic:

  • What are the Main Factors for Increasing Your Blog Traffic
  • How you can Increase Your Blog Traffic

Main Factors Which will Help you to Increase Your Blog Traffic

#.1 Know your Niche – One of the Most Important Factor

First of all, you will have to decide who is your target audience. What they are looking for and what kind of information you want to convey. For example, you may be interested in weight loss, exotic travel destinations, and sea life, then you are gonna confuse your audience if you do not follow a straight point. So, keep in mind what is your main Niche (Target).

#.2 Write More and More – Content is the King

You might be familiar with the words that “Content is the King”. If so, you get that right. The more you clear and the more fresh content you write for your audience, the more traffic you gain. And, this is not enough, right? you will have to update your content in a regular pattern if you want to get more enough attention from all search engines. Most experiments show that the more your blog is updated, the more traffic your blog will receive. Google always gives the first priority to blogs with fresh new content. So, I will highly recommend you guys to keep updating your blog at least twice a week.

#.3 Write SEO Friendly Better Titles

Well, you have decided about your Niche and you have also written a fresh content about it right. But, what about the titles? What and how should be your titles so that, the audience may love to read your articles.

Remember one thing.

Titles of your blog posts are more enough important than your whole content. This is because this will help your audience if they should click on your title to read more or move away. For example, what kind of articles you always see on the magazine covers. Their titles are full of solutions and promises.

So, when you also do the same job, your blog traffic will automatically increase.

#.4 Include Photos in Your Blog Posts

Some of you might be thinking, what is the purpose of including photos in your blog posts right. How photos in your blog posts help you to increase your blog traffic.

Well, it’s my personal experience that if you include photos in your blog posts, your blog readership will boost and your bounce rate will decrease. Photos play an important role to help your audience have a visual experience of your content. Not only photos in your blog posts make it appealing, but you also get an opportunity to add a keyword in Alt Image Tag on that particular photo.

You can always locate free Images at

#.5 Comment on other Blogs help you Increase Your Blog Traffic

One of the best ways to get more blog traffic is to become active on other industry blogs. That means registering and commenting on blog posts. Be sure to use your blog’s URL as your website address when registering.

#.6 Tag Your Posts

Tags are a way to label your content. Online databases like Technorati use tags to help bookmark content for users. Tagging essentially helps people find your content. It makes your posts more user friendly and helps drive traffic to specific categories and posts.

#.7 Invite Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers bring with them their own audience. They help add credibility to your website and in turn, they drive traffic. Additionally, guest bloggers are sure to promote their posts on your site through social media and their own blog. This means added traffic.

#.8 Social Media Sharing

Link to posts on your social networking profile pages, fan pages and through your posts. Include a teaser or ask a question to motivate social network users to click through to your blog post.

#.9 Social Bookmarking

Sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites are great for driving traffic. The mistake some users make is to bookmark every single post on their blog. Instead, submit the top posts only.

#.10 Use Your Analytics

Find out what posts are most popular. Look to see where your readers are coming from and explore how they find your site. Then repeat those posts and marketing measures. For example, if you find that most of your traffic is coming from social networking activities and they really like your weekly quotes, then you know you can capitalize on that.

Final Words on How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Above all else, focus on creating quality content. The more personable you are and the more value you offer, the better. People will naturally link to you and promote your blog. You’ll attract an audience and your blog traffic will increase.

I hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your loved ones. Just Keep Sharing and keep visiting our site for more information.



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